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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I ♥ Rompers!

Today is going to be the hottest day of the week and why not embrace it before the cold air starts to come? During the winter I never like to dress up. I usually put on leggings a sweater and UGGS (my fave) It's cold out, no one will see my outfit and I am always too tired in the morning. I've been wanting to wear my romper since I got it, but lately it's been way too cold out. I was so excited when they told me it was gunna be in the 80s on Wednesday. I immediately knew what I was gunna wear! Because I got actually got dressed today, it made my roommates wanna get dressed too. Now all of us are wearing dresses, skirts and rompers. YAY for looking cute! :)

 (Excuse the messy room)

Joyce Leslie Romper - $5
Thrift Store Belt - $3
No Boundaries Sandals - 0.50 Cents (<------No Joke)
Deb's Charm Necklace - $1
Claires Bracelet - 0.50 Cents
Target Pearl Earrings - $1

Total Cost for Out Fit Of The Day = $11 Dollars


  1. cute romper! I love your outfit!!

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  2. Hey thanks for dropping your comments

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